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Chronology of Worcester 1151AD to 1646

Chronological Recapitulation of Events illustrative of the History of the City of Worcester.

1151. Stephen returns to the attack of Worcester castle, but being again repulsed, raises fortified earthworks to blockade it, which he garrisons, and retires. He appears to have left three fortifications to blockade the garrison; two commanding the London and Bristol roads, stiled 'castelles', in the old chronicles, the other a more extensive work on Henwick hill, fronting the Severn, almost opposite the old water works. The earthworks are stormed and overthrown by the Earl of Leicester. William de Beauchamp again Lord of Worcester.

1157. Hugh Mortimer fortifies Worcester against Henry II but on the king's approach, submits.

1159. Henry II and his queen offered their crowns at Worcester, and a parliament held here.

1189. Another destructive fire.

1207. King John visited Worcester, and performed his devotions at Wulstan's tomb.

1214. John keeps his Christmas here.

1216. Worcester declares for the Dauphin against John, but is taken and plundered by Ranulph, Earl of Chester. The same year King John was buried in the cathedral, being brought hither by the Regent Earl Pembroke.

1218. The Cathedral consecrated in the presence of Henry III and a great concourse of nobility.

1225. A great tournament at Worcester, the actors in which were excommunicated by Bishop Blois.

1202. The cathedral much damaged by fire.

1232. Henry III kept his Christmas here.

1234. The same monarch here at Whitsuntide.

1263. The barons besiege and storm the city.

1264. Henry III, conducted here a prisoner.

1265. Prince Edward, son of Henry, escapes to Worcester from Hereford, marches with an army to Kenilworth, defeats young Montfort there, returns to Worcester and again marches to Evesham, where he entirely vanquishes the Earl of Leicester, and returns triumphant, with his father, to Worcester.

1276. Edward I, at Worcester.

1278. Llewellyn, Prince of Wales, meets the king at Worcester, and marries the daughter of Leicester.

1281. Edward I keeps his Christmas here, holds a parliament here the next year, and visits the city again in 1283, 1289, 1291, 1294, 1295 and in 1301, with his queen.

1342. A plague in Worcester, and another in 1349.

1397. The office of hereditary sheriff of the county, and keeper of the castle of Worcester, suppressed by Richard II, who creates Sir Thomas Percy, Earl of Worcester.

1401. The suburbs burned by Owen Glwndour, who is, however, forced to retire, by Henry IV.

1403. The Earl of Worcester beheaded at Shrewsbury, for taking part with Hotspur.

1407. Henry IV visits the city twice this year.

1420. Richard Beauchamp, son of Lord Abergavenny, created Earl of Worcester by Henry V but in 1422 killed at the siege of Meaux, in France.

1450. John Tiptoft created Earl of Worcester.

1459. Henry IV at Worcester.

1461. Edward IV raises forces from Worcester, Gloucester, &c and gains the battle of Mortimer's Cross.

1470. Tiptoft, Earl of Worcester, beheaded on Tower Hill, by the Lancastrian party.

1471. Edward IV enters Worcester after the battle of Tewkesbury, and the unfortunate Queen Margaret brought before him.

1484. An extraordinary flood of the Severn prevents the Duke of Buckingham from crossing to attack Richard III, the duke's army disperses, he is taken, and beheaded.

1485. Battle of Bosworth Field fought, and Worcester saves itself from plunder at the price of 500 marks.

1486. Sir Humphrey Stafford and his brother rebel against Henry VII, and prepare to storm Worcester, but dismayed by the news of the defeat of their associates in Yorkshire, retire.

1496. Henry VII, his queen, his mother, and Price Arthur, visited the city about this time.

1502. Prince Arthur buried in the cathedral.

1514. Charles Somerset, created Earl of Worcester by Henry VIII.

1534. An earthquake at Worcester.